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Artisanal whole leaf tea
Handcrafted in nyc.

Welcome to the tea factor.

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Our Roots

Our founder, Anwar Warner (aka #PushaTea), is a hardcore music lover who boasts never having had a cup of coffee...ever! Growing up in a traditional Jamaican household meant consuming tea for everything from an upset stomach to a full on fever and all ailments in between. That cultural custom was the basis for his preference for natural remedies and his predilection for herbal teas. Now, the brand he's built offers over 30 unique blends of whole leaf loose tea*, iced tea, and tea tonics. The goal is simple, to reshape your perception of tea by demonstrating its versatility. The Tea Factor is where Frank White meets Frank Sinatra. 



We spend countless hours researching the benefits and flavor profiles of our ingredients and months perfecting our recipes to bring you healthy handcrafted teas that we are sure you’ll find unique, creative, and delicious. 

The result is a menu of loose leaf teas, iced teas, and tea-infused cocktails (and mocktails)!

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our mission

Quite simply, to reshape your perception of tea (well, that's not quite so simple). but everything we do has that singular focus in mind.

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