Genmaicha Roasted Almond Tea

For a while, we have been sharing on Instagram different herbs and herb pairings and describing their benefits, and flavor profiles. Then, it dawned on us to create a collection of these posts on our site for our followers and friends who want to refer back to them at their leisure. Today's pairing is a Genmaicha Roasted Almond Tea. We love it because you still get all of the health benefits of a traditional cup of Green tea (antioxidants, increased metabolism, protection against heart disease, etc.) without the bitter taste that many people complain about. The roasted rice kernels in the Genmaicha help to neutralize that unappealing aspect of the tea making for a very mild and pleasant flavor. We added roasted almonds to enhance the nutty flavor. Add a half teaspoon of raw honey and enjoy this cup of tea, day or night.

Anwar Warner